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I ordered from leapfrog on august/23/17, my order was supposed to arrive by mid september... as of now I have not yet received a tracking number and the support team is not answering my tickets anymore. Its been 3 weeks without an answer... I want to know what is going on NOW

This is a screenshot from a week ago when i created another ticket because i wasnt gettig any answer....
I have created a ticket 11 days ago , new printer bought. I miss the Simplify3d license . No reaction at this time. I hope you have not payed before delivery.
I made a payment of 443 euro...
When i look in the other leapfrog forums it seems leapfrog is dead. I have bought a brandnew Creatr HS Edu Pack in germay for 670 Euro , i have had a bad smell because it was so cheap. Its everything ok , but i dont get the license email from Simplify3d with the license key.. So i created a ticket. And look now further in the forum ... LF seems to have a problem. The Creatr HS is/was offered for less than 500 Euro in Shops. Brandnew. At the moment it seems sold out everywhere. For this price a good printer , but i no printing noob , this machines needs attention. Hope you get your money back. Good luck
As i see in the Blog-Area , there seems to be activity in the last 2 weeks. Perhaps the whole company is in holidays or they have problems with their infrastructure. I hope for you. And i hope for me that i will not have a defect on my machine so soon. But its a shame for this company. See the posts about the old removed forum 3 years ago, what a silly behaviour.
Hi, I have purchased the Bolt pro 3 months ago. I got machine serial number 27. I spend over $10K for the printer and countless hours on the calibration of it. There are many many problems with the machine, and I did not manage to print a single decent part by now. Each firmware has bugs. Nothing works properly. I think you are actually lucky.
Fairly i must say that my ticket was resolved after 3 weeks. But , I only need a serial number which was not included. After 4 weeks using the machine i must say that my 300 Euro DIY printer is more reliable and faster than Creatr HS, Creat HS makes problems i never had before with other 3D printers. And sometimes it works well, sometimes. I use it direct connected to PC and/or with Octoprint , behaviour/failures are the same.
Hi, Leapfrog has released new firmware and software. Now it works better, but I still have some unsolved issues. Bests, Roni
Hi , i found no new firmware for my Creatr HS. And i dont believe that there will ever be a new one for this printer. But it can be that i dont find it on this terrible website. This pages gives me "eye cancer", unbelivable that this is a company site. 5 minutes/month is the maximum my eyes can resists. Greetings and wish you succesful printing Achim
Hi, we had similar issues. We bought our Bolt in December 2016 an ordered it with additional high-temp hotends. The printer was delivered in January but the hot-ends arrived 11 months later in November. If I had known this in January I would have returned the printer right away. Nils

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Hi Nils, At least you received the high-temp hot ends. We are in the exactly same situation as you and in our case there is nothing about the high temperature hot ends... Hopefully we will receive it one day...
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