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How to avoid odd holes ?


I need a small help.

I was wondering if I can avoid the holes you see below. In your opinion, iss it the settings or the Formfutura filament ? I set 2 layers in simplify3D. Should I do 3 ? 

Thanks in advance for any advice ! :)

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Dear Newtoon,

I would suggest adding more outline / perimeter shells to the print and try again and see if the result does not improve.

Thanks ! I tried and I think it is better with 3 layers than 2, but now I guess my printing speed is still too high for a nice result. I will try with a quite low speed.

To get the best quality on the model you are trying to print I would suggest keeping the speed between 5000 mm/min and 6000mm/min.

You should not have to go lower than this.

I'm having the same problem with my new HS.

Even when printing with 3600 mm/min the problem occurs.

I stil not have tried the same print to check at low speed (because it needs a lot of time...). I have seen that at quite fast speed, the motor does not push enough the filament : the lines are better when I help by pushing the filament with my own hand. I wonder how I can change this "pressure".

Perhaps the issue is this one ? Not enough "push" ? 

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