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Creatr HS: Improved access to Bowden cable connector on top of print head.

Over the past months I have increasingly suffered from increased nozzle blockages despite keeping to the same profiles and not tinkering.

As a result I have had to remove the hot end and also the Bowden cable connector on the top of the print head.

The issue is that there is no access to get to the connector with a socket and using any other tool, typically a pair of pliers is the only option is not ideal.  A spanner will not fit since there has not been enough space designed to allow access except vertically.

I am interested to know if anyone else has had this same issue?

I would think that the simple answer is  to increase the clearance around these connectors and check the final assembly that there is sufficient tool access.

i have also already removed the bowden fitting already with pliers.. I tried some filament that solidified in the hotend so I have to drill it out with a 2mm drill ! 

Yes there is a good opportunity to improve the design here to allow these to be removed easier. Though I can imagine that looking from 'another' perspective that one might say; why would you want to remove them? The reality is that (for me at least) this is common that I have had to remove the hot end completely and extract a 'plastic plug' that has become stuck in there. This is despite the fact that I've spent nearly €100 on nozzles so I simply have plenty to swap and make sure it is never block but sadly this is not the case. While I don't speak for anyone else but this has been a big headache for me. Though I doubt that anything will be done regarding to change the design. I raised a related problem that when your hotend gets blocked and you pull it out there is a problem when you loosen the thermistor. The design of the set screw in the aluminium hotend block is not thick enough (meaning not enough material for the thread). The result is that when reassembling the hotend care must be taken that when tightening the set screw to use virtually no force or (as with mine) it will strip the thread. This unfortunately happens very easy as the 3mm set screw is steel which is hard and the hotend block is aluminium and is very soft hence easy to damage. I've reported this but was not acknowledge that there was any issue or that I provided engineering design solution and explained the justification why this is an issue. I was told this information will be filed with R&D usually means nothing will happen regarding implementing this improvement into future designs. So be careful if you take out your thermistor especially if your nozzle keep blocking like mine. I have tried also to increase the temp making the plastic less viscous which flows better. I've reduce the extrusion mutilplier to reduce the pressure at he nozzle hence trying to eliminate the plastic flowing back up the hotend causing a blockage. Endless swapping nozzles ensuring they are clear does not work either. Interestingly I've not seen a response here from any Leapfrog representative. I do not believe that we just endlessly raise tickets to get assistance. Best of luck if you find a solution or get anything done. Unfortunately my printer does not work any more, it has many issues. David
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