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Diver motor noise / behaviour

ABS is giving me a lot of problems.

It seems it's just not feeding the material.

in my other thread i already attached a picture showing the driver wheel being clogged by abs filament.

here is a video showing the wheel during printing.

the noise it makes (rattling) and the erratic movement during that rattling noise worries me.

the other driver (with PLA) doesn't have this behaviour

here's te video (noise starts at 0:10)


5 people have this problem


I have the same problem on both my extruder motors. 

I would say that it is a design flaw from Leapfrog, from my experience a bowden set up, or any extruder for that matter should be geared. This to handle acceleration, retract, speed etc. 

I'm not familiar yet with witch motor Leapfrog is using, but stepper motors are not meant for high torque, in general they handle speed and positioning better, ideally one should review the specs of the motor and adapt the gearing to the optimal torque/speed for that individual motor. This is something that should have been done on the design floor. 

Sure, one can tweak the current set up and end up with a ok result, but doing this I believe one narrows ones options, always compensating for a faulty design. 

Just my opinion, 

Excuse me for my english. I'm not from Europe.

I have the same problem. After a lot of experimentation to find out what happens. When the perimeter of the model has a complex view of detail. Usually these are small rounding. At this point, the printer handles a lot of small teams with very short extrusion (E0, E0,0001 E0,0002 and so on). Support I have not answered it. But I think the problem in the printer. Can be a problem in the board, it may overheat ...

Try to simplify the model (make mesh reduction 0.08) and print again.
You please contact support?

thanks for your reply. I think you are absolutely right. I did sent the printer back because I had too many issues with it.

For now I will wait until 3D printers become more reliable.

I had the same problem, finally I discovered that the tube and nut that guides the filament is the problem that avoids that it goes to the extruder. It gets stacked and thats why the driver gear cannot push the filament (that is what provokes the craping sound), the filament slips and the drive gear gets full of PLA dust.

Simply disassemble the cover tube and the nuts, clean them and adjust them as best as you can.


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