Part: Filament pressure thumbscrew Gauge V4.STL

Compatible with: 

Leapfrog Bolt 

Leapfrog Bolt PRO

Leapfrog Xcel


This Filament pressure thumbscrew Gauge can be used to adjust the filament pressure thumbscrew for different type of filaments. The more the thumbscrew is screwed in, the more pressure will be applied on the filament against the Extruder Drive Gear. 


  • Determine which amount of pressure is needed for your Filament. (see Filament solution page for more info)
  • Loosen the Filament Pressure Thumbscrew
  • Place the Filament Pressure thumbscrew Gauge behind the Filament Pressure Thumbscrew
  • Tighten the Filament Pressure Thumbscrew until the Filament Pressure thumbscrew Gauge is clamped
  • Remove the Filament Pressure thumbscrew Gauge

Make sure your filament pressure thumbscrew is set to the right amount. The 3D printable gauge (Support / Bolt PRO / 3D Models) can be used to set the right amount. 


3mm = Engineering PLA

3mm = ABS

3mm = HIPS

3mm = PETG              

3mm = Carbon  

3mm = Nylon                 

6mm = TPU / Flex

6mm = PP                 

6mm= PVA / Scaffold