This solution article will describe how to perform the Calibration Print Test for Leapfrog Bolt (PRO). This Print Test can be used as a tool to determine / adjust / improve the bed calibration tolerances.

Recommend Test Parameters:

  • Initial layer height = 0.3mm
  • Initial printing speed = ± 40mm/s
  • Printing material = Engineering PLA, ABS
  • Skirt layers = 1
  • Skirt offset from part = 5,0 mm
  • Skirt outlines = 3


Print bed too close to nozzle


Filament extrusion is obstructed by the printbed. Therefore the extrusion is inconsistent, blobby or blocked completely. 

Required action:

The print bed should be lowered. This can be done by tightening the black knobs below the print bed corner.

Successful first layer


The layers adhere properly to the bed surface and perimeters are connected. The surface is smooth.

Required action:

No further action required. 

Print bed too far from nozzle


Filament does not adhere on print bed and perimeters are not connected. The extruded filament is not squeezed between nozzle and printbed because the distance is to big. 

Required action

The print bed should be raised. This can be done by loosening the black knobs below the print bed corner making the print bed go upwards. We recommend doing this with small increments (1/4 rotation on black knob) to prevent raising it to much, and scratching the print bed surface.