This solution article will describe how both X-motor/endstop Cables can be replaced.

Symptoms when defective

  • Defecte X-motor cables can cause X-motor signals to have interference and cause the X-motor movements to do small or big shifts in both directions. 
  • Defecte X-endstop (cables) can cause the sensor to be falsely triggered and will make X-movement towards home position stop before the printhead has reached the sensor. This can cause shifts in your 3D print, but only in one direction (away from the switch). Eventually this could also cause printheads to bump against each other.

Tools and Parts:

The needed tools and parts for this maintenance are:

  • Allen wrench 3
  • Philips Screwdriver PH2
  • Pliers 
  • 2 tye-rips
  • X-motor cable Left + Right
  • X-endstop cable Left + Right

When the manual refers to "Left" or "Right". This is always considered when looking from the front of the machine. Please see the illustration below. 

Leapfrog step 1: The preparation

  • Turn off the 3D printer and switch of the power.  

Leapfrog step 2: Remove the back plate of the printer 

  • Unscrew the 6 screws with an Allen wrench 3 on the back of the printer which are indicated on the picture below
  • Remove the back plate
  • Remove the Left and Right side covers

Leapfrog step 3: Disconnect connectors

  • Now disconnect the 4 connectors. Two for the X-motors, Two for the endstops (left and right) 
  • There are two scenarios, these can be distinguished by looking at how the cables on the LMC are wired. On the Picture below is shown for both scenarios which connectors need to be unplugged.

Replacing the cables on the left of the printer

Replacing the two cables for both X-motors and one cable for the left endstop. 

Leapfrog step 4:  Detach black chain cable 

  •  Detach the black chain cable on the left side of the printer. 

Leapfrog step 5: Disconnect the connectors of the X-motors and endstop 

  • Pull out the 2 connectors of the X-motors, as shown on the pictures below. 
  • Disconnect the endstop, this is on the leftside of the printer (see the picture below). 

Leapfrog step 6: Cut off the three connectors of the cables

  • Cut off the two connectors of the cables from the X-motors and the one of the left endstop. 

Leapfrog step 7: Remove the cables

  • Pull the three cables (as shown on the picture) out of the 3D printer.
  • If needed, remove the tie wraps that are holding the cables in place.
  • After this the cables are removed and the new cables can be put in place. 

Leapfrog step 8: Put the new cables into place

  • Put three new cables (for the X-motors and the left endstop) into place as shown on the picture below.
  • Be aware that the Left X-enstop cable, has a black connector, with two pins on both sides. (The other X-endstop cable with three pins, should be used for the right side, in a later step).

Leapfrog step 9: Plug-in the new cable on the LMC

  • Connect the three connectors on the LMC on the back of the 3D printer. Pay attention on locating the connectors at the correct place. Look at the picture in step 3, here is shown where each connector needs to be placed. 
  • For this it needs to be clear which cable is for which X-motor. So check this by moving the X-axis belt manually and by following the cables to be sure which cable is for the left X-motor and which is for the right X-motor.  

Leapfrog step 10: Re-attach black cable chain 

  • Now the black cable chain can be reattached again. By doing this the cables will be held in place. 

Leapfrog step 11: Plug-in the connectors for the X-motors

  • The cables for both motors can be puth in place again. These cables need to go through the casing, on the picture below is shown for the left cable how the cable is placed.
  • After this, plug-in the connectors. 

Leapfrog step 12: Replacing the endstop

  • For replacing the endstop unscrew the srew wich is indicated on the picture below. After this the endstop is loosend and can be taken out.
  • It depends on the printer which endstop is used, this is shown in the table below.  For both printers are the samen switches used, only for the Bolt Pro the handle of the switch needs to be taken off. How this can be done is shown in four steps in the picture below. 
  • After replacing the switch it can be installed again on the 3D printer. 

Replacing the cable on the right of the printer

Replacing the cable for the right endstop.

Leapfrog step 13: Remove the old cable

  • Detach the connector of the right endstop.
  • Cut off the end of the cable with the connector.
  • Pull the cable through the back out of the printer.

Leapfrog step 14: Put the new cable into place

  • Place the new cable in for the right X-endstop. Be aware that the X-endstop cable should have a black connector with three pins on the LMC side.
  • Connect the connector on the LMC on the back of the 3D printer. Pay attention on locating the connector at the correct spot. Look at the picture in step 3, here is shown where each connector needs to be placed. 

Leapfrog step 15: Replacing the right endstop

  • For replacing the right endstop go back to step 12. 

Leapfrog step 16: Ensuring all cables are correctly strapped

  • Strap the cables both left and right to prevent them from sliding outwards over time. Cables should not exceed the outer edges of the carriage. Please view the images below as a reference. 

Left side:

Right side