This solution will describe how to adjust the Z-min endstop. When installing a different print-bed or surface, we advice to follow this procedure. 


The printbed is supported by four corner brackets. These corner brackets are mounted on the Bed Support Plate with tension springs. One tension spring per corner bracket. By adjusting the Z-min endstop, the tension on these springs is optimized.


The following tools are required for this procedure

  • Allen wrench size 5
  • 10mm wrench
  • Measuring caliper

Step 1: Make sure both hot ends are inserted in the printhead, as far in possible.

Loosen both hot-ends, push them upwards as much as possible, then tighten both hot-ends again.

Caution: Excessive force could cause damage to heatsink or Hot End

Make sure both nozzle tips are clean

Ensure the Print Bed is clean before continuing.

Step 2: Loosening the Z-min endstop 'triggering' bolt.

Loosen the endstop nut and bolt. By rotating it counter clockwise with the Allen wrench, loosen the bolt until it is flush with the top side of the support plate.

This bolt will be tightened again, in the last step.

Step 3: Setting the optimal print bed to bed support plate distance

Adjust the knurled grip knob for all bed corner brackets until the distance between aluminium print bed to bed support plate equals 27mm. Please do this for all four bed corner brackets.

Note: Please note that this procedure can not be used for bed calibration, as it does not promise alignment with either printheads.

Step 4: Raising the printbed until it 'lightly' touches the hot end. 

Move the printbed upwards, by manually rotating the Z-belt,  until the printbed 'lightly' touches the hot end. A piece of paper in between hot end and printbed is allowed, to get a sense for the amount of friction.

Keep the print bed at this distance from the hot ends, when continuing to the next step.

Step 5: Tightening the Z-min endstop 'triggering' bolt. 

While the hot ends are still 'lightly' touching the print bed, the Z-min endstop 'triggering' bolt can be properly tightened up again.

Make sure your machine is switched on, This is necessary, for being able to see the yellow endstop LED light up. (picture below)

Raise the endstop bolt by turning it clockwise until the light in the endstop sensor lights up.

Fix the endstop bolt by turning the nut clockwise while holding the bolt at the same position. Prevent the bolt from hitting the sensor at all times. 

Step 6: Calibrate bed
Your Z-min endstop is now calibrated. Before starting your next print job, please calibrate your print bed.