Compatible with: 

Leapfrog Bolt 

Leapfrog Bolt PRO

Leapfrog Xcel


Please find attached the instructions on how to Manually "Flash" the machine software.
The machine software has control over the user interface.

Link to Etcher:

Download link to the Leapfrog software image: Download Software 20200619_V1.3.2

  • File size approximately 9GB.
  • Please keep the file in .zip format (do not unzip). Balenaetcher will allow you to select it.
  • Upon choosing 'Flash' in Balenaetcher, the program should wipe and format the SD card itself. You don't need to do this yourself. 

SD Card 

Recommended micro SD Card: Samsung EVO plus 32GB

Minimum micro SD Card size: 32GB

Note: Some SD cards that promise 32GB actually deliver 31.XXGB. This is not compatible with this software version. 


If you have a machine from 2015-2019, We advice to have a look at step 7, before starting the procedure. 

Please note that this procedure will overwrite all files and stored data on your device. If you are keen on maintaining these, then please save download these files before continuing with this procedure.