Please see the attached document on how to setup scaffold as your support material.

General information

Scaffold is a solvable material that can be used for printing support structures. The scaffold support structures can be dissolved in water after printing. Submerge the printed object in water for a couple of hours. For the faster results peel of as much support material before submering the object in water.

Scaffold wants to attract water and moist from the air. We recommended to store it in a dry and dark environment. The best option is to store the filament in a resealable container with a larger amount of water absorbing material, like silica.

When Scaffold is dry and in good condition the filament is quite hard. The stiffnes is most comparable with ABS.

The more moister the filament absorbs the softer it becomes. When the filament has collected to much moist it cannot be used for printing anymore. Printing with water saturated Scaffold can result in clogged hot-ends or filament that zigzags inside the extruder and stops extruding. When printing with partially saturated filament, bubbles start to form when extruded. A cracking sound can be obseverd.  Scaffold does not like to be in hot environments, it will become softer. The higher the ambient temperature the more chance of a failed print.

Overheated or-/ and wet Scaffold filament in extruder

Always work with the latest profiles from, go to “Print settings” and download the profiles for the Bolt or Bolt Pro.

Do not:
  • Print Scaffold with a bed temperature higher than 60 degrees
  • Use extrusion temperature higher than 210 Bolt, 220 Bolt pro
  • Print Scaffold in a hot and-/ or humid room