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Creatr HS Underextrusion

The first few layers of my prints always seem to underextrude (including the skirt). Please see the pictures. I have tried lowering the print speed, overextruding but nothing seems to improve the matter.

The underextrusion starts to improve after the first couple of layers but I've had a couple of prints where it simply stopped extruding after the 20th layer and the extruder kept moving as if it was actually printing.

Any idea on how to regulate the flow of the filament?

I increased the flow rate to 130% in Simplify3D in the Machine Control Panel. It has improved the results substantially but I'm still having problems where the flow is inconsistent. The extruder stopped extruding mid-way through the print (even though the nozzle kept moving according to the gcode). Also you can see gap lines in the print and one of them was large enough to break my unfinished print into two pieces just as I was removing it from the build plate.

I just found out why my machine did this. my nozzle holes are too big. so I adjusted new diameter in the software and it works great again.

@marc do you mean the nozzles are larger than .35mm? What diameter did you use?

yes mine are larger. i didnt notice because I "cleaned" them too much so the bottom wore off and made a bigger hole. they were 0.35. now they are 1mm.. I need new nozzles.


@marc that's a huge increase! how did you find that out? how long have you been using the nozzles for?

when no settings whatsoever would work anymore I removed the nozzles to check if they were clogged or something, then I saw the big hole.. I have the printer 1 week :) .. Do not clean the nozzles with a file!


Hello, Your printer can stop extruding because under the extruder settings you have got a retract setting with directly underneath a number with a small negative setting. This setting makes that after retracting, the filament will be pushed the retraction rate minus that small negative number to compensate for oozing. If that small negative number is too large it can happen that with a lot of retractions your filament is completely sucked into your nozzle due to overcompensation. Making this setting a smaller negative number or zero will remove your problem. Furthermore, i found that instead of increasing the flow rate lowering the first layer to a much smaller number like 20% can help. Also increasing the extrusion multiplier helps.

Thanks Marcel. Making the negative number 0 worked. I'll try the rest of the tips.


Is your problem solved?

i have the same problem as you

(2.34 MB)

I figured out a few problems and now it works OK: 

1) use new nozzle, the diameter must be unaltered ( exact size!) 

2) measure the filament diameter always! and use correct value, this make a huge difference, I have many rolls and they vary extremely! up to 0.2mm ! 

an here some settings I use: 

no cooling fan, I only get bad results when cooling, similar to your photo.

temperature, speed and layer thickness influence each other. try to find the right relation one to another. I find especially speed is a major factor, why I don't understand the HS, because high speed is impractical...( may work a bit faster for PLA, but nothing else)

I will probably limit myself to 2 brands: faberdashery is great! and colorfabb. 

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